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Thanks Daniel
I have experimented a little with the ME-1s’ and into a powered wedge from the line out.
You are right … getting around the ME-1 as a new user was … difficult for myself. Let alone training some musician just before a show!
And the EQ for using as a floor wedge just wasn’t good enough.
I hadn’t tried using the ME-1 into a 31 band EQ located on a stage before the floor wedge…
That might do the trick to get a couple of more sends from the monitor desk (QU32)
I was just looking at that apparatus that DPdan mentioned.

Gosh would you want to monitor mix 32 channels walking around a large stage with a very loud band with that device? with 3 more large acts to follow in one night?

I’ll have to have a BIG think about all of this!
Thanks for your input Daniel.

I didn’t want to buy an iLive or a GLD for other reasons
I think we are at an era of change.

dave NZ