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dhak – we run into this issue with our GLD. Sometimes 20 mix outputs is not enough. We regularly use ME-1s to add additional stage mixes. Things to be aware of:

1. You relinquish control of the ME-1 mix to either a performer OR your monitor engineer. There is no central control from the QU/GLD. Make sure you train the end-user and trust them to properly set levels (especially if the output feeds a floor wedge).
2. ME-1s do not have EQ/compression control for individual channels (just global). To improve the sound of the ME-1 output (at least on a GLD), first assign the direct-outs to the monitor patch. Then go to individual channels and select where in the signal path you wish to pull the direct-out feed (post trim, post eq, post comp, etc.). I do not have access to a QU right now, so someone else will need to verify if you can do this.

Good luck!