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I’m thinking that a “wheel” that is ~1cm wide doesn’t even need to be as wide a diameter as a mouse scroll wheel, so not as much room as you might think.

For a really radical idea – have a “belt” rather than a wheel, maybe with an LED “fader” location indicator if they are full height.
Most of the feel of faders (no instant feedback of level), but without the requirement to motorise. These could reasonably be 40-60mm “belt faders”, since they would be used for adjusting the level, and you could pull, reset, pull…

So a case which fits all the current variants of the (full sized) iPad – i.e. probably uses corner clips or a sprung side
With a strap on the rear – like
And a set of 9 faders/wheels/belts basically lined up with the iPad screen
And a couple of buttons/wheel to select which layer on the iPad (up and down buttons)
Bluetooth or 30pin&lightning connectors *
Charge Through port – If it takes power (bluetooth, leds) then a charge through connector (USB B?) to keep the iPad topped up (whilst the device has input power), if it occupies the 30 pin or lightning then it should at least be able to pass power back.

*Bluetooth is quite attractive in that it is going to be relatively future proofed against apple changing connectors again, the others give me better reliability feeling, and lower power requirement.