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Ok, Dick. I just didn’t think it was worth it.

This is what I meant: You are working on FOH. You have Left, Right, and one or more Subs you don’t want (for any reason) to be fed by LR. You want to send whole instruments to those subs, like bass or bass drum, or cajon (please let’s do not discus if this is a good configuration, that’s not the point), and you want to feed those subs from one or more mixes. In such a case it would be nice to be able to have all controls you need for FOH on sight, all on the faders in front of you (in case the mixer has enough faders for the setup). For that, a “send-faders on custom layer” functionality would be needed, since you have to move a send fader to make the base drum louder, for example, since it’s on a mix. That way you wouldn’t have to change any view since you’d have a view on the faders that represent the whole FOH.
It would be the same situation if the Qu had a center bus. What is needed for this is either the flexibility (and possible confusion) of “sends on custom layer” or a whole new custom master that can route to all mixes including LR, but the latter is of course not possible.

You know what I mean now?

Now: why do I need it? Because I’m mostly mixing from stage while playing. Then it’s A LOT more to think about if you first have to select the right mix. Mixing without playing, yes, sure, easy. Just select the right mix first.