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We had a similar experience. While updating our dante card from 3.4.x up to 3.6.4 and then to 3.7.0, we had inconsistent results with the firmware updater on a mac and pc. The first update (with updater 1.3.2 for mac) would not recognized the card. We had to click the button to recognized all devices on the network and then selecting our card. The first update flashed and began updating. Then when we used the current firmware updater and 3.7.0, it would flash the card and then freeze. We tried it on a Windows 8 pc and our Mavericks Macbook. I did not look at our log, so I’m not sure if the error is the exact same as yours. We finally downloaded all software and firmware updates again, restarted the DVS and the macbook. After doing this, the update software properly flashed and updated the card.

I wish we had more information about the update failure. I respond to your post only to say we had a similar experience and eventually found a solution after a clean download and power cycle. We never got it to work on our PC, but the macbook did work eventually.

Best of luck.