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Thank you. I have audio now. The only thing I am unclear about is how do I send a mix back to my DAW?

What I mean is this: Let’s say I have 12 tracks recorded in my DAW. I change the DAW output on these tracks to the first 12 inputs on the Qu. No problem. I hear audio and control the volume of each channel with the fader. If I want to mix using these faders (rather than my mouse or automation in the DAW) I don’t know how to get the mix of those channels from the Qu back to the DAW>

On my old Mackie 1640i channels 15/16 could be set to go back and I’d create a stereo track in the DAW with 15/16 as the input.

Would it be something similar here? I don’t know how to get this mix from the Qu back into a channel in the DAW.