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This is slightly embarrassing… ahem.. let me put it this way: I thought I was sure, but I wasn´t. If your console doesn´t obey you, you might want to take a look at your per scene filters. I did a hard reset a while back, getting rid of some minor glitches, and loaded an earlier show into the machine. In one scene there was a remnant from the rehearsal period, a blockage on mix sends. It was only on this one scene, And I was so confident that my only block was a global softkey-block, that I did not even think about checking it out. The one setting caused the eccentric behaviour with this one scene-change, and made it hard to pinpoint the actual goings-on.

Lesson learned: If you are fifty-something, don´t trust your memory, just check your parameters one more time, so that you can then be sure that you know.

Thanks for your patience, we can of course keep on suggesting improvements on the scene-memory operation, but this problem is now solved. The World is a beautiful place. I even love insects now. BTW, if you highlight a scene from your list, and it shows on the right side of screen, you can then store directly, no recall-button needed.

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