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Seems like we have been beating this one up for a long time. As I think John or someone said months or nearly a year ago. It seems like the whole scene thing was an after thought. My feelings are scenes are a vital part to committing to a digital console. In fact some of my sales are for that reason.

For me I have just tried to deal with what was there even though I feel it needs a lot of refinement. I have had weird things happen with scenes and left me scratching my head as to if I screwed up or the board did.

For example. 3 weeks ago doing a live 15hr Telethon on GLD. I had all the major acts saved in scenes based on their sound checks. Other acts I worked off a base scene. I had one stage, emcee mics, video playback. The big stage was mixed on another brand and I took a stereo mix from it. I feed the remote truck.
Emcee mics were in full safe mode. During the show several hours in I switched scenes and went to emcee mics. All 4 were dead. Took me way too long to figure out all the pres on emcee mics went to 0 or inf. I finally got them back up. The rest of the show I made that same change many times. Never did it again. Hmm. I have had those kinds of things happen. No overwrites. Just changing scenes.

I fully agree with John. It should be a one button change. The lighting industry has been doing this for ages. Just a GO button for the next cue. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand.