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I believe you are smelling what I am cooking. 😉

Allow me to say it another way. There are two steps in “next scene”. First is to “recall next scene” then “take” (or go). Allen Heath only gives you the option to (GO and NEXT) which is bass-ackwards. I asked for an option of the inverse (NEXT and GO) which the enlightened world uses and is logical.

Yet another description: I am now on scene 10 happily listening to on-stage dialog and staring at a script. Now I want scene 11. I just want one press of a single button (as an option at least) to recall and take scene 11. I do not want to confirm my choice. I do not want to look away from a script. I do not want to be uncertain where I shall go when I press the button. Seems easy, yes? One of the programmable buttons would make this easy but is not an option.