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Oh, and one more thing for those who do not heavily use memories and are earnestly offering to help. First of all, thank you.

One big differences in the way we mix is we DO NOT look at the mixer OR the stage. We have one finger on the “next scene” button and are reading the script during critical times to assure timing, or to find where we are when the actors misses or adds lines at any moment. I cannot afford stare at a status screen to be sure the correct scene is coming up but I can very well count. Forward two scenes and back one results in an advancement of only one scene, shouldn’t it? Not with A&H.

If I am on cue 87 and an actor blows a line or three and I need to get to 89 “NOW” I want to only push the “next” button twice and be there. This is not assured with A&H depending on how you arrived at 87 to begin with.