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This is strange… I initiated this discussion, because there is an issue with the desk that needs to be dealt with by the company, and expected some support for my agenda. Instead I´m getting all these opinions from people who later in the game admit that they “don´t work with scenes that much”, or that they “don´t do theater”.
In todays production environment you just need scene-automation, and you need it to work reliably. The “don´t do theater”- argument is totally absurd, as if scene memory was somehow an option you don´t need that much. What kind of gigs do you guys do, then? AC/DC- cover bands? How do you approach a situation where you need drastic changes to an acoustic drumkit, for instance, per song- just push trough with the one setting you made during the soundcheck? If so, you´re in the wrong business. Scene automation is an indispensable tool, and I´d rather pursue this subject with people who have something to contribute to it. The videolink will be available next week.

Tuomas Kolehmainen
Independent sound engineer, behind all kinds of mixers for 25 years
Helsinki, Finland