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How it acts when you first call up a show (on scene zero or one) is never an issue. I always start my shows on scene 5 or so.

How I WANT it to work is a large display to say “you are on this number scene”. Then, when I want to make a change, simply hit “save” and update the active scene. I then want to hit ONE button to go to next scene, have it recalled and displayed on the large “you are here” screen. Then, repeat as necessary. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Having the active scene memory in a list view is great. Most of the software is brilliant. I would bet no one at AH has ever developed a show with about 200 scenes in a single show and had to update them on the fly, having seconds to make modifications and get on to the next scene fast enough that the director doesn’t realize it happened. Over the course of a rehearsal I can make hundreds of updates. Doing this was easy on the 02R.

Lets ignore confirmation dialogs for the moment. That is another kettle of fish..