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The way I understand the GLD operation is as follows

CURRENT always gives the name of the most recently recalled scene. But of course as soon as you make ANY change on the board what you have no longer corresponds to the “current” scene. It is the current scene plus the changes you just made. I guess something could be put in the GUI that indicated that you had changed something, but I really don’t see how that would be helpful since either
1. You are trying to change the stored scene, in which case you do recall, make your changes, save, or
2. You are actually using the scene to do something, so you will almost inevitable make some change or other almost immediately after recalling.
In either case you kind of know that what you have on the board is different from the most recently recalled scene.

The only exception to the above is when you first boot up, when current is blank , not unreasonably, since you haven’t yet recalled a scene.

NEXT always show the name of the scene which is selected in the scenes menu. So if you do a save it will save the current state of the board overwriting THAT scene name. Similarly if you do a recall it will recall that scene replacing whatever configuration you currently have on the board, modulo scene safes and filters of course.

On boot up this is not unreasonably set to scene 1.

Auto increment is simply equivalent to moving the selection down one.

I don’t do theatre so don’t really understand what the requirements are there, but for my uses the above arrangement seems perfectly logical and useable.

I haven’t noticed any random behaviour or any which isn’t explained by the above semantics.