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Thank You Very Much John for supporting my case,

…started to get real tired with people telling me I have an attitude problem towards the console. For me at the moment, it´s not only the backwards logic that bugs me, but an actual anomaly in the scene recalls. I WILL make the video to show y´all what I´m talking about.

All this mess really is a shame, because the Qu sounds good, the FX-emulations are excellent, and it´s a joy to do the actual hands-on mixing with. I suppose these properties are well present in the more expensive series,too.

Would not want to shell out another 2.5K€ for a M32… besides, I haven´t a clue of how it sounds.

P.S. it´s hard to even devise any workarounds, because you just don´t know what the console´s response is going to be at any given occasion.