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I hear you brother. Yes this thread is about the Qu but I have a similar problem with the GLD. I have shown the problem clearly to them. Sometimes in the console you ask for “next scene” and you get it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you see the scene you are presently on displayed, sometimes you don’t. Try to modify the scene you are on and save it, you have just overwritten the next scene and now have two bad scenes.

It seems English logic will not progress. “What grandfather did is good enough for me” seems to rule. It is disconcerting that a GLD system that costs over $10K, the scene memories are illogical and unreliable. Yamaha has it correct. No matter how you got to a scene, pressing a button that says “next” should bring up the next one and the display should say in large proud numbers “here is the scene you are presently on”. Not possible with Allen & Heath. They do not want to change the on-board operation NOR will they make a computer app that is usable for theaters. I have asked they make a scene memory option to switch between logical operation and the other operation but it went nowhere. I do mostly theaters. I may be selling my system because of the workarounds required with no resolution in sight. Otherwise I love the board.

I realize some people have gotten used to this progression backwards operation but it irks me every time I use it. My silly cheap 01V was a pleasure to use (and modify) scene memories. Again I’ll say, the GLD is superior in every other aspect but those darned scene memories.