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Let me give you an example of my console´s behaviour:

– I send FX2 return to mix 5-6 on a scene
– I move to the next scene, where no such setting has been made, but the FX-return fader is up there, in the same position as I put it in the previous scene. No Filtering, nothing safed. This can´t be right. Mind you, I most definitely know what scene I´m on, because they have a name and a number to go with it. Have no duplicate scenes. And I only have this one particular scene, where I´m sending the return to this particular mix. But it remains there, in all consecutive scenes- I have to remove it manually at every scene-change.

Perhaps another one: I send FX2 to an input channel, store it -by the book- move to the next scene, all other parameters, mutes and such, change with the scene, but the FX-send is sticking in there like a sore thumb. And it never was stored in that following scene.