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There has been quite a lot of complaints about the confusing logic surrounding the scene memory logic in these forums. I´ll try once more to set this straight:

– I have my “scene next”-softkey set up to be “scene recall go/auto increment on”
– When I press next, recall/store/clear on the right side of screen for the queued next scene, bottom bar shows
– I now highlight the current scene from the list, and press “recall”, the right side now shows the name of the current scene
– I press “store”, thinking that I am now storing the scene which appears as “current” on both sides of the screen
– After “storing” bottom bar indicates both “next” and “current” to be the same, with same scene-number
– I now press the softkey again. and now bottom bar shows the current scene and the next
– The end result: some of the sends are not stored

I have read the manual inside & out, but it still won´t tell me, why all my eq, comp/gate, fx type/parameter- settings follow scene changes, but some fader sends do not? At the moment these include FX2 input channel sends (FX1,3 & 4 work), FX1 & 2 returns, FX1 & 2 returns to mix 5-6. All mono mixes follow scene changes, as do all master sends.

So just tell me this is not confusing! I have 50 more shows ahead of me, and there is just no way I´ll “start all over again”, 47 scenes with radical parameter changes…

P.S. It is still ridiculous, that softkey assignment “scene previous” cannot be “auto incremented”. You press previous, and you have to recall it from the touchscreen, obliterating the whole idea of a quick recall. If you need to go back to a previous scene, it´s usually in a situation where it needs to be done fast.