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Dick Rees

The problem is in your misconception. You really need to follow the manual on this. There is nothing wrong with your console. Don’t feel bad, just start all over again and follow the instructions in the manual carefully. Forget the LS-9.

For one thing, the scene indicated on the right side of the toolbar is the next or up-coming scene, not the currently selected scene. Your statement above “it then appears as the current scene on the right-hand side” is mistaken or stated in error.

You must recall a selected scene in order to tweak and save. If you’re getting an over-write notice and ending up with the same scene displayed on both the left/current and right/next positions it is because you THINK you’re working on one scenen but are actually working on another.

I think you should also review the soft key assignment functions:

Recall Scene – Instantly recalls the scene number assigned to the SoftKey.
Scene Store Current – Instantly stores the current mixer settings to the last recalled scene. This is shown in the ‘Curr:’ bar.
Scene Recall Go – Instantly recalls the Scene shown in the ‘Next:’ bar.
Scene Next – Advances to the next scene in the list.

And don’t forget to check that auto-increment is enabled.

You just have to know exactly where you are when you’re working on something. It appears now that you think you’re in one place when you’re really in another.