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I actually use matrixes to feed all of my main PA outs across my desk.

My Main Mix L-R feed is sent at unity to…
St Matrix 1 – I assign my stage box outs 11 and 12 to take this matrix to amp rack processor inputs LR for my main FOH PA
St Matrix 2 – House Feed – This is normally hooked up to inputs for another amp rack for delay speakers/balcony fills etc in venues and theatres
My main C feed is sent at unity to…
Mono Matrix 1 – Centre fill cluster which is often front fill lining the front of a large stage.

The benefits of all of this?

Rather than graphic EQ’ing my actual main mix, I EQ the matrixes. So if I need drastically different EQ for say, front fill compared to main PA mix, I can do this really easily. Just EQ the necessary matrix. Same with delay times, if front fill is slightly forward or behind times of main PA I can align that, and same with house balcony feeds where it will often be radically different.
If I want to create an additional main mix copy, EG for broadcast truck, I can just pull another matrix from the main mix LR. My system EQ doesn’t effect their feed at all.
The inbuilt GLD USB desk recorder now records the mix without, say, a parametric EQ dip at 100hz in main PA because of a severe room response. This would sound odd listened back to on a recording, even though it is correctional EQ that sounds great on that matrix.
I can also simply solo AFL matrixes to see what they are doing.

The question is: why not matrix!?!