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Definitely not hung up on pre’s like everyone else is. The sound is influenced by the entire circuit and the algorithms that direct everything. I wish that one shootout would have set all the eq and dynamics the exact same, so we would only hear the differences of the console. Instead, it sounds like someone adjusted the master eq for each console.

That being said, part of me wants to give the Behringer a chance, but I’ve just had so many bad experiences with that company.

I love my Studio Live with regard to the integration of the software, but the sound is definitely harsh. My classic SL16 also does some strange things audibly that I could never figure out, still can’t either. The AI sounds better, but I am bothered by the compressor before eq, and the “simplicity” of the dynamics, for lack of a better term.

Then there’s the Soundcraft. Every sample I’ve heard sounds great, but there are annoying features (eg. shelf EQ for #1 & #4) which just don’t make sense. And then I have to buy a card to interface, which while only $400 could bump me up to a 32 qu.

Regarding the qu, it seems perfect. But I just cannot get past the qu-drive 18 channel limit, nor the usb 2.0 connectivity. Also unsure about the software integration, which Presonus has nailed (imo). And the qu24 screen is too small. I know, iPad, iPad. But I don’t own one and probably never will into the near future.

Therein lies my dilemma.