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The most logical solution in your situation would probably be to use external headphone amps and feed them from the mix outputs. If you connected your studio monitors to the main L/R output it would enable you to use the L/R mute button to quickly mute the monitors, leaving the headphone feeds in tact. Alternatively, you could set the alt-out source to “PAFL” (in Setup->Output Patch->Surface) and feed your studio monitors from the alt-out. This would enable you to PAFL an individual channel through the studio monitors.

Another alternative would be to mix completely in cubase and just use the Qu for audio routing duties. You should be able to set up several “studio” outputs in cubase in addition to your normal main mix output. Then route your main mix output to USB output 1-2, “studio” outputs to USB outputs 3-4, 5-6, etc… Then on the Qu, you would just send channels 1-2 to the LR mix, 3-4 to Mix 5-6, 5-6 to Mix 7-8, etc…

Hopefully that makes sense? There is a great Sound on Sound article about this here