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Dick Rees

I have found it advisable if not absolutely necessary to incorporate a high-quality on-line UPS for supplying power to mission critical digital gear. And my suspicions are that connectivity and power up/dowm sequence may factor into some transient failures.

Re-booting to “fix” computer problems should be ubiquitous at this point, and our digital consoles and stage boxes are essentially computers. Power cycling is the first thing to try in such cases before jumping to any conclusions about the gear itself. Such occurrences are likely situational rather than otherwise.

I have learned a TON about AC power in doing sound and learn more all the time. There is so much more to know than merely establishing proper grounding and voltage. Any venue can have hidden issues in their circuitry which can and will affect any connected gear.

The only way I know to alleviate the down-side of this is a good on-line UPS outputting pure sine wave power such as a Tripplite. Just beware of the models with loud fans…