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Answers out of order:

Custom layers in the Qu-Pad app can control any mix – just select the mix on the right and the layer on the left.

If your musicians “lock mix” on their own Qu-You apps then they shouldn’t be touching FOH (but I understand the concern. I wonder if an “engineers lock” could be put on the desk, so I can lock out the monitor mixes which control wedges (or FOH/loop/recording) from being Qu-You controllable from the mixer itself?

I can’t think of an obvious way to link 9/10 to L/R like that, I suspect that the little extra training required to get people to use Qu-Pad would really pay off.

As for naming – the musicians get to see the names you allocate, and they can name their “groups”. I tend to set up the mics in Stage Right to Stage Left order (so it’s left to right as I look at the stage, and on the desk), so numbering is kind of OK – but when I know who is on which mic I’ll rename the channel. You could also colour code the mics rather than numbering them (Green cable -> “VoxGreen”) to make it easier to see which is which. If more naming was added then I would expect it should be “additional” local names (in a different colour maybe?) so that it is obvious when you are talking about the same name as your engineer.