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[XAP]Bob, I know that using mix 9-10 is basically the same as using L/R but it is a bit confusing when others are also mixing during an evening and I have to explain that FOH is on 9-10. Is it possible to link L/R and MIX 9-10 together in a way that an adjustment in L/R is also done in MIX9-10 and vice versa?

When Qu-You is used on stage the musicians have the option to control the FOH sound and that makes me a bit nervous. But I never use all my mixes so mix 9-10 will do. I haven’t tested running Qu-You and Qu-Pad simultaneously at my iPad but they show as a great combination.

It would be nice if a Qu-You user can change the names of the channels within his/her Qu-You app running. While I usually name the mics “Mic1, Mic2 and Mic3.”, not always knowing the names of the ones on stage, we may assume that band members know each other so using the real names “Peter, Anna and George” will result in a better experience then “Mic1, Mic2 and Mic3”. (just a thought)