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Dick Rees

When running both live sound and sending program for recording/streaming, you need to be able to set your channel/recording levels at the optimum level and have control over your live sound output such that you can adjust it as needed for your sound system. I do as follows:

1. Set up your recording levels first.

2. Use the “Alt Out” connections to feed signal to your live sound system. You must go to your output assignments and choose the source for the Alt Out jacks (balanced TRS). I run my live sound in mono, so I choose “L + R” as my option. I can then use either one or both Alt Out jacks to feed live sound.

3. You can now run your board as needed for optimum record/stream level and control the level of the live sound feed with the Alt Out knob. This will in most cases mean that you run your Master fader for the proper record level and REDUCE the signal to the live system as needed via the Alt Out pot.

This is how I handle doing live sound, Shoutcast streaming and recording all at the same time.