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I use the QU drive to capture the event. Then I play it back on the Qu-16 and record the stereo mix, prefer to do it USB L and R post mix allows me to do the mix down right on the QU. Why I cant just get a stereo stream is beyond me. my method of playback is this and it works but I don’t know why I have to switch it on the mixer like this…. if I use Output patch USB audio, 1 is LR/L, 2 is LR/R, 3 is 3, 4 is 4, 5 is 5, 6 is 6, 7 is 7, 8 is 8,
9 is 9, 10, is 10, 11 is 11, 12 is 12, 13 is 13, 14 is 14, 15 is 15, 16 is 16, 17 is CH1 and 18 is CH2 like this I can stream a live mix with all effects after recorded