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So you’ve got two FX defined – FX1 for Vocal, FX2 for Guitar.

These are set as either mix -> return or channel -> return but NOT as insert.

Then you turn down the FX *return* in the LR mix, and turn it up in Mix 9/10 – and the signal comes out of FOH?

The send will likely be Post Fade by default (since that’s “normal” for FX), so you put the Vocals up in the FOH and the FX send goes hot, and the FX return gets a (wet) signal.
That signal should not go to FOH if the FX Return is down on the FOH mix – if it is, then that’s a serious bug (not one I can test at the moment). It should be possible to put the signal to Mix 9/10 (select mix 9/10 and then raise the FX return fader) without pushing it to L&R.

One thing to note is that you aren’t technically applying the FX to the channel, you’re just mixing in an amount of the FX return – The FX might only be fed by one channel, but the only way that the FX is “applied to a channel” is if it is inserted, and I’m pretty sure you’re not doing that (but since that puts the FX into the channel you can’t then split it back out).