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Can I try to rephrase, might make it easier for you to tell me where I’m wrong…
You are pushing channels 1 and 2 to the FX

In Mix 9/10 you want to take only the FX from Channel 2

That can’t be done – what is fed to the FX is defined by the FX mix feed, and you can then choose how much of the FX return (which is the result of everything fed into that mix) to put into a mix (in this case 9/10).

The only way to separate the two Channels FX out is to use two FX units – the good news is that if these are single channel FX you don’t need to use a dedicated FX mix, you can use the Channel -> Return option in the FX unit (this may only be a benefit for the QU16, I can’t recall the FX setup on other QUs offhand)