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I have heard all of those desk at large volumes. inside and outside.
Every peice of apparatus has a flavour and then it becomes personal choice.
And, I was never going to change from analog
I was determined to carry like a snail, small & huge desks and rack of EQs & comps and downward expanders around on my back.
Then I thought, gosh my chriopractor and acupuncture bill is creeping up.
Maybe I should think about trying to loose some gear?
I borrowed a QU16 and checked out the sound with an SM58
Never my choice of mic for my own reasons…
Once I heard the transiet-ness of the QU16 with my boxy voice and an SM58… it bit me like a pitbull and wouldn’t let go!.
suddenly yes! there is hope for my back yet!
I got another QU16 and suddenly had 2…. wow
but hold on… there is room in my case!?
A road case I used to lug around
what… 3QU desks.

It was the sound that grabbed my attention

It didn’t honk like one of those other brands!
The QU has not fried out right when the show was going to start like that other brand
It didn’t hurt my girlfriends ears like the other brand you mention.
And the other brand just had no clarity? Like a cardboard box.
*** mostly relative to the engineer of course***

The QU felt strong, sturdy with out plastic bells and whistles.
and… I could understand the workflow instantly especially the EQ layout after multiple years of editing in a studio.
maybe I’m biased as I have had about 13 A&H desks over the years
and have had very few problems.

Personal preferences

Its what ever dose it for you!
What ever you decide on, make sure you can get it fixed!
(just in case)

Hire one? Borrow one?

AND there will be more free updates.
The QU 32 is a brand new product with all of those faders’.
whats that? yes 32 faders on one layer.
and when connected to a mac they all gone up and down effortlessly
NA NA NA I spent years getting the faders to recall
with my other desk? Surely this can not be so easy?

bit of a rave there huh?
Your question is like asking which are the best sounding speakers.

Hope I have helped you