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First of all, if you record post LR, recorded level totally depends on your master faders and will jump if you make live corrections. With pre LR you’ll record what’s on the internal LR bus, regardless of the position of the LR fader.

Then you should ensure that internal level are not too low and easily reach nominal 0dB meter readout (Home->Meters). But recording still seems to be too thin when played on a computer, this is the 18dB headroom still available to handle transients without clipping. To compete with “regular” files like MP3, the Qu-recording need to be raised by about 300% (=18dB), so the 400% are somewhat normal.

Of course you’re free to decide your nominal internal level on the LR bus should be, for example, +12dB and reduce the LR fader accordingly (or turn down the PA). This will increase volume within the recording but there’s only 6dB headroom left before hard, digital clipping will occur (on both recording and mixer output!). Instead of feeding louder signals in your bus, you probably better use the compressor on the LR bus to rise the volume up to +18dB, which also helps to avoid digital clipping (when properly setup).

Just saw that I “ignored” your second question: Of course you can route the FX return also to Mix busses. Select your Mix Bus (right button), select the upper layer (left), hold the Assign button and use the SEL button of your FX to add it to the Bus. That way you could add gain only for recording without affecting the LR bus.