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latency on the back of the QU32 manual:
XLR in to XLR out 1.2ms
XLR in to AES out .7ms

Just sometimes I record what is termed or called “destructive recording”
the sound I’m actually hearing.
Getting the idea down
As an example I recorded a track from and the App “Thumbjam” from an iPad playing flute with massive delay built into the sound.
So I captured that “idea” as the client played to the music in her cans.
Sometimes in a live situation you might want to record a live show with actual sounds as though the venue was your studio.
Destructive recording again how ever you can achieve a very fast remix.

I recently spent a week running 2 complete systems (mac and PC) back to back literally.
And I really like the speed that Windows gave me or the responsiveness of windows over mac.
However I struggled a little with latency on the PC but that was a windows issue. And in this case latency was not an issue as I was not over dubbing.

Interestingly whilst on latency I installed Melodyne which recomends a massive sample rate of 1024.
However that’s using it on a mix down.
I think from my perspective just knowing about this so you can quickly change latency settings for the given scenario is the key.
Good to know one of you has a GSR24m so maybe chew the fat someday.

Love the new QU32 and lots of faders at one surface level
huge screen!