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Probably a stupid question: Why do you want to use FX and EQ from the desk? Any modern DAW (and plenty of free plugins) should provide those manipulations, right?

Same EQ and FX parameters may sound different from one plugin/external device to the other. Maybe he likes the sound of the Qu? Or maybe he just like to work the old school way?

To be clearer in my previous answer, if he’s thinking about doing his whole mix on the Qu (the old school way with an analog mixer, a rack full of devices and no DAW), all the tracks will go through the mixer anyway so they will all end up with the same latency so no need to shift anything after doing his print. The DAW is only used as a tape recorder.

But the real question is, do you want to do the mix only or you need to record also from the board on top of previously recorded tracks? This is where latency can be a real issue.