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BLKGHOST – I’ver stepped away from the mixer, with my radio microphone plugged into the talkback input. Now I want to talk to the vocalist on mix3…

So I have to go back to the desk to select mix3 on that screen. I’d like to be able to select that routing from the iPad, since I’ve moved away from the mixer I can’t use those controls. (Maybe I’m under the stage or in the gods doing something, maybe I’m mixing from the bar with the mixer on stage)

At the moment I put that radio mix into channel 16, then route channel 16 to the relevant mix – that’s somewhat clunky.
I’d like to use the talkback function properly, but it requires physical presence at the mixer at the moment, and that’s what I’d like to change.

I then have UHF mic -> Talkback, TCP iPad control and RF PAFL -> headset.