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GuitarHero, I must say that multiple TCP/IO connections (which is what I hope is behind that new App) is what I was missing and nothing else. For me and myself and the band, this means we can have iPad control and our FX Footswitch operating simultaneously. This is actually why we still don’t have an iPad in use. So, unfortunate for you, but the mob may be quite happy now.

Personally, I think if you want to get buried with features, you should get a Behringer console. 😎 For me, A&H is the brand that has the features that make sense and that are high quality. I usually do the sound myself, since we can’t afford a separate engineer. But we sometimes have one and this guy jumping up and down in front of his feature-loaded X32, murmuring loudly “oh my God, what am I doing?” did not foster the trust in external engineers in my band members.

Time to update… (after the next show) and time to get an iPad finally.