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There is no GEQ on the inputs, so this makes sense, that button only ever applies to the current mix, so it shouldn’t need selecting explicitly. Should it get selected when the GEQ is used (so the processing screen etc is up for the mix) and then fall back to the channel when the GEQ is deselected?
I understand that, but when you need to ring something out quickly it’s a two step process. No matter what is selected on your current Mix, the GEQ should pull up for that Mix. For example if I’m mixing inside LR but I have channel 2 selected because I’m viewing processing, if I wanted to change the LR GEQ, I’d have to hit Select on the Master channel, THEN hit the GEQ button. I feel as though any time you hit the GEQ it should pull up the GEQ for the current Mix you’re in, regardless whether you have gone and selected the Master channel.

Simply select the “Setup” tab at the very top of the screen. If the channels are named then they all show up there.
Understood, I still think a very large bold reference would help a lot. As of now it’s little squares that aren’t making very good use of screen real estate for this. A nice big and clear font, with the specific channel would really help. A ME could just sit the iPad down near the snake and glance at it as needed instead of having to get a close up look.

Bob, are you currently developing with A&H? I’m unsure if any of this stuff is being read by programmers there. The forums are a little slow unfortunately, and I wish they had one of the developers chiming in once in a while to let us know this isn’t all falling on deaf ears.

I did some reading around in here and there’s some great suggestions all over. Everyday users don’t see things as programmers do and vice versa, but when the two combine and feed off each other, it really makes a massive difference.