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The reason for the remote may well be that they want it controlled from the lecturn/pulpit.

Mind you – the requirement is so limited that I wonder if it can’t be achieved with a board built as a schools project -one fader/dial for the lecturn mic, a CD player can just be set to line level – if it’s needed at all!!!

I’m assuming of course that the “non tech” services are basically single mic affairs. You could even go so far as just to leave the faders set, and use the gates and/or on/mute/off switches on radio microphones.

So for a non tech the QU gets fired up, and loads into the restricted user, locked out (I think that can be set as default, or at least left that way each month).
– The faders are all up to a reasonable level, but the gates are closed.
– The service leader walks up to the mic and starts talking – the gate opens and the speech is reinforced.
– They walk away and the gate closes again.

– Someone plays a CD and it “just works”

– A radio mic is switched on, and the gate opens – it gets turned off and the gate shuts…

With levels low enough to make feedback unlikely, and eq correctly set on the outputs (presume a loop as one of the mixes, and the main speakers as another) and the input channels, this should be as easy as switching on the lights.
If they want to record the sermon then I’d lift a feed from the loop to a tape player – or something else they can deal with easily.