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“Are there any ideas for midicontroller’s which work with Qu16? The controller just have to control input volume faders and on/off switch…..”

“Any other idea how to remote-control Qu16 without any Wifi-Device? It should be a solution for a small church. No soundengineer – just people, who are able to ring the bells and turn on/off the lights :-).”

OK so to the question that was actually asked.

Do you need a remote for this? The desk itself is capable of doing what you want.
You can set user permissions so that a non technical user can only get to one custom layer, one scene which loads automatically, and can only adjust the volumes & mutes. So you could make a simple setup with for instance, just 2 mics & a CD, going to only the L+R speakers. Then let them use the desk, which is now so limited that they can’t really go wrong.

Have a look at page 39 of the manual.