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First take your band.
Then take a USB device (PC or preferably something like a SANDisk Extreme stick)
Do a basic soundcheck with them, get the preamps dialled in.

Record a few songs using the multitrack (via USB-B to a PC or QuDrive to a stick)

Tell the band to go and get drinks in and to bring you a favoured tipple

Change the inputs to USB (Qu-Drive or B as per above) and replay the multitrack.

Now you can tweak eq, dynamics, gates and make the levels ok – you can eq the venue and generally make yourself feel good about the mix.

You can listen to the umpteen different monitor mixes and make reasonable approximations if you know the band well.

Then you can replay the tracks again, and again, until you are happy.

Bring the band back, and they’ll change how they sound (because none of them had a lime and lemonade did they…) and all your settings are off by a country mile 😉

Or they’ll come back and it will sound awesome, because you’ve had a good while to get the sound the way you want it…