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-The GEQ should pull up when engaging the button at anytime for whichever buss you’re currently in. So if you’re in your main LR, regardless what channel is currently selected (from 1-16) it should pull up the GEQ. As it is right now, it’s a 2 step process where you have to hit the Select button on the Master fader, then hit the GEQ button.

There is no GEQ on the inputs, so this makes sense, that button only ever applies to the current mix, so it shouldn’t need selecting explicitly. Should it get selected when the GEQ is used (so the processing screen etc is up for the mix) and then fall back to the channel when the GEQ is deselected?

-QU-Drive record should be selectable for which channels you would like recorded. When recording multitrack, there should be a software switch on the touch panel for each channel as On/Off. It’s just strange you have to record all 18 channels regardless of active inputs.

Yes – the option for an “x” in the Qu-Drive recording setup would be very nice.
As would the ability to name tracks/directories, but that’s really nitpicking (except on playback!)

-QU-Drive should also have a cue point system that splits the files. Instead of having to stop, then restart recording, this would allow a break in files without a gap between them. As it is now, the quickest you can stop/start is beyond impossible to make seamless.

This is important, particularly given the reports of people missing out on files because of power failures etc. I’d go one further and suggest that if this can be made seamless (and it should be able to, since I can do seamless on a PC with arecord) then a configurable auto-split option could be useful, in the “I only lost the last 5 minutes” sense…

-It would be nice to have a “Select shows processing” setting. Anytime a channel is selected, the touch screen would automatically pull up it’s processing page. As of now, it’s a two step process (Select, then Processing button) but this would obviously be the most used page when selecting a channel.

I suppose it depends what your workflow is. Either I leave the screen on processing, or I’m actively doing something else (FX maybe) and select the channel to use the super-strip. Of course the beauty of digital desks is that this kind of thing *can* be an option, although it makes support harder if there are too many options…

-Offline editor, either PC/Mac or iPad is an absolute must. The fact I have to turn the console on at home before a gig to setup my nights configuration is just weird considering it’s 2014.

There is an existing thread it might be worth lending your voice to…

-When using the Shutdown command, all faders should rise to the top for transportation and storage. It’s good practice to keep all faders at the top point as they’re furthest away from the edge of the console where they’re most likely to get bumped/bent during movement to/from a flight case.

That’s an interesting option, and makes a great deal of sense actually. This is the kind of thing that makes and excellent option – after all they calibrate on start up anyway, so it’s no harder for support. If they set to zero, then move the faders up then they’ll reset to zero on startup, before resuming their “recovered” positions.

-On the iPad, it would be nice to have an “Input List” page. At the top where the Processing, Setup, Metering buttons are, an Input List button would be nice for a ME or stage hand to access. When FoH pulls up the next Scene, it would give them something easy to glance at for patching between switchover.

Simply select the “Setup” tab at the very top of the screen. If the channels are named then they all show up there.

-Channel Source should be patchable between Qu-Drive and USB-B simultaneously. Currently, you can only use one or the other. It would be nice to have 1-16 Qu-Drive, and 17 and up USB-B for a laptop playing iTunes or streaming back DAW FX to ST1-ST3. This might be a hardware limitation, I’m not too sure.

I suspect it is. I haven’t tried multitrack recording whilst playing back from USB-B but it looks like that should work (I have the system block diagram above my monitor)

-A master source group for preamps would be nice also. When doing a virtual soundcheck you have to select each channel and hit the USB preamp button. It would be nice to have something similar to a Mute Group for the preamp. You could easily switch all the 16 inputs from USB at once, not individually.

IIRC there is a page that allows this, if you go into a Channel Preamp page and then hit the Fn key Source…
See page 15 of the Manual – or have I misunderstood the question?

-Stereo FX inserted into a mono channel return into the LR as mono. I understand traditionally this makes sense, but with this being a digital board, a Gated Reverb inserted on a snare should hit the LR as stereo. A workaround I’ve been using is patching FX3 and FX4 onto the Mix 7-8 and 9-10. This is obviously eating up 4 of my XLR feeds, and isn’t the greatest workaround.

FX inserted into a channel cannot return to anything other than that channel… The FX units can take from a channel and return to the FX return (which is in stereo) This may work (I’ve not tested) See Ch>Return Page 44

-While in the FX page, touching anywhere in the box should highlight that page. As of now, you have to touch an actual preset then scroll from there. It would be nice to be able to touch anywhere inside it’s box and have the first preset highlighted.

Yes – I find these quite hard to navigate actually…

-USB-B MUST be setup in the Audio/Midi panel on a Mac using the Multichannel page. When configuring it inside the Stereo page, nothing will go to anything but 1 and 2. This is very weird, and it took me almost an hour to figure out this workaround.

Is this on the mac? There was someone else with what sounds like a similar problem a little while ago. I’ll see if I can find the post.

-iPad would benefit from having access to the Signal Generator for checking drivers pre/post show.

Sig Gen, Talkback (not through the iPad, but I have a radio mic…), FX, patching setup…
Lots of things the iPad could do with – it’s only software, so it should arrive gradually…

Overall, I’m quite happy with the console after a weeks usage. It has a great sound, it works well, and I’m not nitpicking here, just making what I feel is good suggestions to refine this already great console!

I agree, it’s a fine machine. But firmware updates are much cheaper than H/W updates 😉