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Excellent, many thanks. I think I’ll experiment with the Sandisk Extreme for this upcoming live gig. I’m consuming the manual every night, it’s starting to make sense. I’m coming from our dear (old) Mackie 32-8 analog board. I have a couple questions, I’ll be glad to create a new thread if it helps.

1) I believe a 64GB flash drive holds about 6 hours of multitrack?

2) Is it best to stop and restart recording at song or set breaks instead of one continuous run? I have 5 bands going for about 5-6 hours. I think I saw this stop-restart issue mentioned here.

3) I would like to record 18 channels and also be able to simultaneously use maybe 4-5 channels to feed a PA for announcements and perhaps keyboards. I’m not quite clear yet if the Qu-Drive is engaged how much flexibility I have with the mix outputs 1 to 10. The signal flow chart seems to indicate the mix outs as pre Qu-Drive, but I’m used to digital global settings throwing me a curve sometimes. In record obviously I have channel function, just want to be sure the mix outs aren’t disabled somehow.

Two more days and then it’s early Christmas for me. Again, my sincere thanks for all your assistance.