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A list off the top of my head: I’m sure there’s more.

More IO (64/32 vs 48/20)
Wider variety of FX
Can mix and match surface(s) and (modular) mixrack(s) to suit budget and application
Extra dynamics processor on each channel and each bus
IIRC more sidechaining options for dynamics
More remote control options (eg PL-Anet, control mixrack via PC with no surface on the network)
More dedicated controls on surface (except r72\t80)
Redundant PSU (some surfaces)
I have a feeling there’s some extra digital IO as standard on some surfaces too, but not sure

Whether these things are worth the extra $ for your application is an entirely different matter. Be aware that there are some things the GLD does that the ilive doesn’t, eg the USB 2-track playback.