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I highly doubt that Allen and Heath would completely give up on their pro series console. It is a widely used console. Heck, I’ve read articles that said that it was used in a stadium at the World Cup. Numerous bands use it such as Neon Trees. It doesn’t seem like a console that can be killed off easily.

I think what ddff said is the most likely true. They will probably release new hardware next year. Whether this hardware is iLive stuff or a rackmounted GLD (which seems quite likely), we wont know until they show it off at NAMM or PLS.

My personal guess is that they are working on completely redoing the iLive OS to make it more like the GLD. I once read somewhere (which was probably somewhere on this forum) that the OS for each console is completely different. With the QU, that is going to have to be true because of the way it is designed. But the GLD and iLive should be more similar. That way, they can release software updates for both consoles. If they bring the programming close enough together, it will lessen their workload.

It all depends on if they decide to keep going with the current hardware that is 8 to 9 years old for the modular series, and 5 years old for the T series, or come out with new hardware. Whether they keep supporting the new hardware will be completely up to them, but I bet they will.