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Nicola A&H

Hi Zach,

The bottleneck is the Port B ACE card in the iDR-32. This is a 64×64 interface, and the outputs are duplicated on both Link 1 and 2. So the same 64 outputs you are sending to Dante (via the xDR-16) are also going to the ME-U. The ME-U will then ‘extract’ 21-60 for ME-1 use (when fitted with the default ME-D card).

I assume the problem is you want to send post-processing Direct Outs to ME-1 and MixRack Inputs (pre-trim) to Dante? If you are using up to 32 Inputs this shouldn’t be a problem – patch to Port B 1-20 and 53-64 for recording and 21-52 for personal monitoring. Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to make some choices.

Hope this helps.