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Thank you.

I´m not satisfied with the performance of the USB audio interface, the quality is awesome.
Only when I work on pure MIDI projects with virtual instruments the latency and buffer size can´t be set to settings which I´m used to.
I replaced a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 with the QU-16.
In Live situations running only acoustic sets, this had been a big improvement.
But in my home studio it is a big step backwards.
Maybe Firewire is still superior in terms of latency and cpu load on Macbooks.
Older projects which I run with 128 samples buffer size with the SL are starting to overload the audio engine now even at 512 samples with the QU-16.

To run my own projects in 24bit/48Khz is no problem.
The problem with the mixing project is that I got the project files to create a mix.
I´m not sure if it would spoil the quality to convert them to 24Bit/48KHz for mixing and re-convert them, when I have finished the job.