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And I´m very unsatisfied with the performance of the QU-16 as “soundcard”.

What part of “unsatisfied ” are you… the audio quality or the…. performance… or

buffer size of 512

I think from memory I got down to 128 (for tracking and overdubs) but now I have moved size way up to 1000 as using Melodyne (as Celemony recommend) with Reaper as a plugin which is not supposed to work, however it works perfectly for me.

I use a macbook mid 2012 and use every port. QU GSR and 2 large monitors from USB

Not knowing your exact setup… you might want to try driving you macbook midi controls using the Ethernet from your QU
It reduces CPU busy-ness on your mac “so I have been told” and it seems to work extremely well.
Never ever crashed.