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I purchased the QU 16 about a month ago for use with my band and for use with my mini business as a live sound man. My band used the desk for the first time in a live situation last Saturday and last Sunday. We use all 16 mic channels, 3 vocal mics, Sax, Keys (2 channels linked) Bass, Guitar, Drums (6 channels) and percussion (2 channels) we send 4 monitor mixes back to the stage and have a sound man who mixes out front on an Ipad. We are coming from a Peavey 16fx which whilst good, did not offer us the flexibility of the QU 16, a number of band members were sceptical about the upgrade to digital but after hearing the comments we got on our live sound they are all now convinced it was the right way to go! Really nice warm sound from this desk and the on board fx are superb! No going back now!