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I get mildly concerned about access control when multiple ipads are involved. Even if a muso is on ears so they can only mess with their own mix and not affect the anyone else or the stage noise, and there’s no risk of feedback if their monitor gets too hot because they’re using IEMs and not a wedge, I’d still be concerned that they could inadvertently change a mix other than their own.

Presonus addressed this in their SL series by having all wifi devices go through a computer and then to the mixer, and the computer controlled which devices had access to which mixes. They got a bit of grief for needing to carry a computer and a wifi router just for wifi control, but it worked. On their DL series, Mackie managed to implement access control without a computer between the mixer and the wifi router, but the lockout had to be applied to each individual ipad, and whoever was using said ipad had to be trusted to not go unlocking it. Of course this approach won’t stop anything malicious, but will stop a muso inadvertently switching to the wrong mix.

In my ideal world there would be a tab somewhere in the Setup>Control page on the Qu (possibly integrated into the networking tab) that would list connected devices, and by default they’d have access to nothing. Whoever’s standing in front of the Qu could then configure what mix(es) and controls each device can access. I’ve no idea whether the Qu has the processing power available for this though, still, I’m interested to see what happens. Just having the capability for multiple ipad control will tick a box on quite a few peoples’ wish lists, and will help the Qu compete with its competitors.