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While i see the appeal of saving 1RU of space on the rack and in the truck, and being able to remotely control it’s replacement, I can think of two reasons why it’s not a good idea to have speaker management built into the mixer. Firstly, your settings have the potential to be overwritten by scene/show recall, if things aren’t safed/filtered properly. The likelihood of this increases if you have guest operators or volunteers.

Secondly, if the console glitches and you have to bring in a spare from the truck (which may not be a GLD, I know of a few operators who can’t afford 2 GLD surfaces, so they go out with a GLD and backup Qu, or a backup MixWiz,) then you still need some external speaker management to use these (or any other non-gld) backup desks.

I certainly don’t object to A&H porting more fx from ilive over, but even if they did bring the speaker processor over, I’d keeping using my external gear, if only for peace of mind.