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Thanks ddff,
we got one surface console T112 and two MixRacks (2x iDR32 one with an m-ACE card fitted in MASTER unit), and I patched the inputs this way:

1st iDR32: 1 – 32 (MASTER fitted with m-ACE) used for choir & orchestra
2nd iDR32: 65 – 96 (SLAVE) used on stage for vocals, guitars, drums, brass, and rest of the band inputs.

I like to use all of the 64 inputs from both iDR32 all together at once. The reason for this split is that one iDR is on stage and another about 50 meters away from stage.

At the beginning during the first setup I tried to keep both MixRacks next to the surface console for tests and setup but cannot access the gain for preamps from second iDR.

After patching the inputs between MixRacks, the first iDR was working nice but from second MixRack (slave) didn’t come any audio signal using a condenser mic and was because even the 48V power was off.
I tried patching again each MixRack separate. I set 48V power state ON at each MixRack, tried to set the desired gain preamps again but when I link the system in dual-rack mode the connection becomes lost and the preamps gain become reset to the default values and the 48V power state was OFF again.
Using dynamic mics there was signal presence but no access to gain preamps to set my mics gain levels.

I tried the same with a laptop in AH iLive editor and there is no difference.