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Greetings guys,

here we have:
1x T112
2x 32
1x M-ACE card
Getting Started Guide for iDR-16, 32, 48 and 64 MixRack as main reference

Just bought the iLive system, but we get the first [BIG] disappointment last week after trying hard to setup the second iDR32 via m-ACE card we brought together with the main system, and just find out that there is no way to access the preamps for second iDR32 (SLAVE unit) in ‘Dual-Rack’ mode.
Literally, we can’t use the second iDR32 in ‘Dual-Rack’ mode and the part which really intrigued me was right on page 10, the following note written only down there with tinny small letters:

• Channels 1-64 are sourced from the Master MixRack
(Preamps cannot be mapped acrosstinnyacks).
• Channels 65-128 are sourced from the Slave
• Surface audio can only be assigned between
channels 1- 64 (connects to Master MixRack).
• Each MixRack processes its own channels 1-64 or
• The Master MixRack processes the 32 buses.
• FX may be inserted on Master channels 1-64 only.
• Channels cannot be ganged across MixRacks.
• The Reset Network Settings recessed switch
restores default single MixRack operation.

That being said I have few more questions:
– What’s the meaning of ‘Dual-Rack’ mode setup and where it can be used if the Preamps cannot be mapped acrosstinnyacks?
Let’s say we have two iDR64 for 128 inputs channels config. in ‘Dual-Rack’ mode but can control only 64 preamps from one iDR unit in the system? That’s make no sense; where is the relevance here?
Therefore, with Yamaha system we used before from LS9, M7 to PM5 we were able reach all the preamps linked in the (ethersound based) system. Here should not be the same?

– At Page 3 the same guide pointed right: “Two MixRacks can be linked in Dual-Rack mode to provide 128 input channels”, but how to make it as now I’m unable to get even my 64 preamps from setup mentioned at the beginning?

– Please advice me correct how to get connected to all of the 64 inputs / 32 outs as we have now about 50+ mixes and 26 outs.
2x iDR32, 1x T112 surface and 1x m-ACE card can gain the preamps and processing for all 64 inputs?

Thank you